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The Sustainable Business Battle (SBB) is a 3-week business challenge in which 10 interdisciplinary teams of students compete in order to find the most sustainable, innovative, and practical solutions to their given case. The cases are authentic and provided by 5 different companies. […]

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Hear it from our student ambassador!

For me, signing up for the SBB was all about getting out of my comfort zone. In hindsight, I can say I achieved that and gained so much more. The SBB is the perfect mix between business and sustainability. Thus as a communication student, I have been able to refer back to countless skills I learnt through workshops and coaching at the SBB, while learning more about sustainability and the challenges businesses face within that. More importantly, I was able to gain relevant experience in a community of like-minded students and inspirational mentors; something I believe cannot be taught in a classroom. 

- Natalie Cru, B.A. of International Communications and Management, former participant (2018).

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