The Sustainable Business Battle


1st June 2019 - 1st July 2019

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Are you up for a new challenge?

The Sustainable Business Battle is a national business case competition created in 2017, for which interdisciplinary teams of students compete in order to find the most sustainable, innovative, and implementable solution to companies’ issues. As the battle has grown over the years, so did our impact, and we have managed to reach over 120 participants, tackled 15 cases, and provided 30 solutions so far!

The 2019 edition of the SBB has just come to an end, and we are now looking for a new board, ready to make the SBB 2020 happen! This board is a rare opportunity for you to not only gain professional experience, but also be a part of an active movement, and create impact around you.


This board is part-time and is not affiliated to any university, although we are closely working with some academic institutions, such as Leiden University. The board meets weekly, and requires 10 to 15h of work per week. Please note that this can be more or less important depending on how far away/close the battle is. The 2019 SBB will take place in the Spring-Summer 2020.

The following positions on the SBB Board 2020 are available:

  • Chair

  • Secretary

  • Treasurer

  • Business and acquisition manager

  • Promotion manager

  • Students and education manager

(scroll down for details regarding the positions)

What’s in it for you?

As a board member, you will:

  • Gain entrepreneurial and professional skills such as business acquisition, marketing, accounting…

  • Have the opportunity to network with companies, government officials, and NGOs in the Netherlands in the field of business and sustainability.

  • Acquire experience in project management and working in a team.

  • Create impact in the region of South Holland!



Key responsibilities:

  • The project management of the SBB 2020

  • Coordinating the SBB Board 2020

  • Being the link between the Board and the Foundation

  • Board meetings

  • Organizing the SBB (in collaboration with other portfolios)

As chair, you are responsible for the coordination of the SBB 2020. Are you good at writing project plans, coordinating different objectives within a team and making sure deadlines are set and met? Are you a good communicator and public speaker? Can you see the big picture while making short term goals concrete? Then this might be the position for you!

A great chair needs to be well-organised and flexible. He/she should be a great communicator and be able to stimulate the team’s ideas. Professional experience (internships, consultancy, a board position or experience in project management) is not mandatory but is a big asset. You should have a very good command of English (speaking and writing). Knowledge of Dutch is a plus, but not necessary.


Key responsibilities:

  • All the money coming in and going out for the SBB 2020 (Acquiring funds, making a budget plan, etc.)

  • Acquisition of & negotiations with companies (together with the Business and Acquisition Manager)

  • Management of our sponsors and partners

  • Organizing the SBB (in collaboration with other portfolios)

Are you good with money? Will you ensure that next year’s SBB has enough funding to happen, and is financially sustainable throughout the year? As the treasurer, you are responsible for all the money flows. You will find funding for the project, apply for grants, draft a realistic budget plan and keeping an overview of the expenses of the board. The treasurer of Minerva will coach and help you at the start. This position requires to have a very good command of Dutch and English.


Key responsibilities:

  • Internal (and external) communication (email, meetings, organizing files)

  • Securing the locations for the Battle

  • Supporting the Chair

  • Community engagement (universities, student associations, students in the regions)

  • Organizing the SBB (in collaboration with other portfolios)

As Secretary, you ensure that the Board functions from a practical perspective, mainly regarding administrative and organizational tasks. This includes managing the email account, taking notes during meetings and keeping up to date the SBB events calendar.  Besides that, you will be in charge of finding the locations for all the SBB events. As secretary, you will be supporting the chair, ensuring that all tasks are completed.

Are you a people-oriented person? Are you well connected with universities and study associations? Could you sell just about anything to anyone? Are you organised, practical, and a good communicator? Then this role might be just for you!

Business and Acquisition Manager (DUTCH SPEAKING)

Key responsibilities:

  • Acquisition of companies (cold calling, emailing, going to meetings and pitching)

  • Guiding companies in finding the right case (question) for the students (in collaboration with the Head of Students and Education)

  • Maintaining contact throughout the project with the companies, from acquisition to evaluation

  • Organizing the SBB (in collaboration with other portfolios)

Would you like a closer look at what kind of challenges companies face nowadays concerning sustainability? Do you want to stand as a professional in front of sustainability heads and pitch to them why they should join the SBB? Are you strong at networking and easily build good relationships? As business & acquisition manager your main responsibility is the acquisition of relevant organisations that can provide a case for the SBB and guiding them through this process.

Promotion Manager

Key responsibilities:

  • Maintenance of the SBB website (affinity with Squarespace of a web-builder is a plus)

  • Creating content for our social media (FB, LinkedIn, Instagram)

  • Setting up a recruitment campaign for 2020

  • Designing physical banners, posters, flyers, booklets etc

  • Promoting the SBB during various events (eg. Conscious Kitchen, OWL Info-Market, Beta Banenmarkt)

  • Organizing the SBB (in collaboration with other portfolios)

Do you have an eye for detail and great taste? Do you know what makes people enthusiastic and excited? Are you a Photoshop expert? Then this job might be right up your alley!

The SBB is looking for someone who will not only manage its social media and online presence, but also make sure its branding is coherent and its content attractive to students and companies. As our next storyteller, you are expected to create and maintain a good relationship with students, university officials, partners, study associations, and medias alike. Smart, creative, and able to take initiative, your mission for the coming year is to come up with a new marketing strategy for the SBB 2020.

Students and Education manager

Key responsibilities:

  • Organizing the educational program with relevant partners

  • Planning of events (Kick off, Training day)

  • Selecting participants and creating the interdisciplinary teams

  • Keeping in touch with participants before, during, and after the event

  • Organizing the SBB (in collaboration with other portfolios)

Do you enjoy organizing events and the idea of developing an educative program? Do you have a feel for coming up with the right mix of theory, practice, and fun? Could you discuss and convince consultants and experts to train the participants? The Students and Education manager needs to make sure the students have the right information at the right time, from the moment they apply to the post-final stage. You are responsible for giving students the necessary tools and knowledge on sustainability and business, so that they are able to carry out their consultancy project.


The deadline for applications is July 1st. However we will interview candidates on a rolling basis and close the vacancy when we find the right person for a position. Do not wait for the deadline to apply! The position will officially start September 16th. For the duration of one year.

Apply by sending us your CV and motivational letter (max 1 page) at with ‘SBB Board 2020’ + your desired positon as subject.

Do you have any questions? Do not hesitate to send us a mail!