Getting involved


Q: Why should I partner with/sponsor you?

A: This is not only about helping us! It’s ultimately about investing in a more sustainable future together, and preparing the new generation to face new global environmental challenges. Would you like to create impact within your community, and contribute to making a difference? The SBB is the perfect opportunity for you to do this! As a non-profit organisation, we empower students, but also businesses, and make the case for sustainability and economics in today’s world. We raise awareness, share skills and knowledge, and challenge the status-quo.

Q: I am interested in supporting the Sustainable Business Battle, but do not wish to present a case. What are my options?

A: First of all, thank you! We appreciate any help. We have managed to establish successful partnerships throughout the years with organisations such as Rabobank, associations like Minerva, and institutions such as Leiden University. We would love to have you on board as well!

In terms of sponsorship/partnership, you have several options:

  • You can promote the SBB within your circle/association/company/network…

  • You can provide a service (ex: catering, location, a workshop…)

  • You can financially contribute to the SBB

Q: What’s in it for me?

A: Not only do you get to contribute to an impactful and incredible experience for students, and a rewarding experience for businesses, but you are also able to get certain benefits. This includes promotion and access to our networking events. You will furthermore have the opportunity to gain expertise in sustainability, and reach out to over 50 qualified university students.



Should you wish to explorer partnership opportunities, and potentially sponsor the SBB, please get in touch with our Treasurer and Community Engagement Manager, Ryan Kap, at, or our Promotion and Communications Manager, Marie-Sophie Barreau, at