Q: Who can apply?

A: Anyone who is currently enrolled in a study or has graduated within the last two years. Applicants from both a research university and a university of applied sciences are encouraged to apply.

Q: How do I apply?

A: You can apply here. When submitting your application, we will ask you to upload a CV and letter of motivation (300 words max.) Applications close on the 15th of April.

Q: Can I apply with a group?

A: You should absolutely motivate your friends to apply with you! However, due to our diversity criteria for teams, we do not accept group applications and cannot guarantee you will be in the same team as your friends. But do not worry, this will be a great opportunity to make new friends, and meet new people!

Q: I am not part of a student association, can I still apply?

A: Yes you can. The SBB is for all students attending a Dutch university (WO) or university of applied sciences (HBO).

Q: Is Dutch a requirement?

A: Dutch is not a prerequisite. However, we will make sure that at least one person per team speaks fluent Dutch. This is to ensure that when doing research or handling data, non-Dutch speakers are at no disadvantage.

Q: I have no knowledge or experience in sustainability or business, can I still join?

A: Absolutely. Although previous knowledge in sustainability and/or business is appreciated, it is by no means a requirement. We will provide you with training and workshops, so you will become a sustainability pro in no time!


The Battle


Q: Is there a participation fee?

A: No! Apart from transportation, the Sustainable Business Battle takes in charge all costs, and you are not required to pay any fee. This is to ensure that all students have the opportunity to participate and benefit from this experience.

Q: I am unable to attend one of the events. Can I still participate?

A: It is crucial for you and your team to be there for every event. If however you are unable to attend a session, due to unforeseen circumstances or a previous commitment (ex: an exam), please let us know as soon as possible! We will try and arrange something so that you can participate.

Q: How much time will I need to invest?

A: We expect you to be present for the kick-off, training days, the semi-final, and the final. Please note that most events happen during the weekend. This represents about a day per week. However, some of you might feel like you need to discuss things further. Of course, you are free to meet up with your teammates throughout the week to fine-tune your strategy for the competition. But this is entirely up to you!



Do you have more questions? Do not hesitate to get in touch with us! You can contact Lieke, our Head of Students and Education, at .